Trimming & Pruning Services


JP Tree Services has a locally award winning and five star rated tree trimming department. We’ll be able to handle any and all of your trimming needs. Contact us today to get started!

To DIY or not DIY?

Many of our intrepid community members are resourceful and thrifty enough to try doing branch cutting on their own. The figure that with just a little bit of work, they can save a lot of money. However, we strongly advise against this. Here are some reasons why DIY branch trimming may not be a great idea:


One thing that many people lack when it comes to branch trimming is training. At JP Services, our certified arborists are trained in the proper techniques for cutting branches. They are also trained to be capable and safe climbers. This means that they can do the job right and in a safe manner.

Without the proper training for climbing or pruning, DIYers can put themselves at risk for personal injury. In addition, incorrect trimming of branches and poor use of climbing tools can significantly impact the health of growing trees.


Getting the right equipment for pruning on your own can be expensive. We, however, have state of the art technology that we use day in and day out at our job. This allows us to do very precise work in a small amount of time. We’ll most likely be able to do the job faster than you can and have a higher quality result.

Worth it?

Don’t waste money on expensive tools and put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation to maybe save only a few dollars. Our services are affordable and carry a high level of quality. Do yourself a favor and contact our office today to set up a free consultation and quote for branch trimming and pruning.