About JP

Hey there again! Welcome to our website and thank you again for giving us a visit. We’re happy to be serving you in the Flagstaff, Arizona region.  We’ve made this page to give you some information about who we are and how we’ve assembled our team.

Getting our start

Born and raised

Many of us were born and raised here in Flagstaff and take pride in being from this lovely town. Growing up in national forest territory, we are no strangers to trees. We have a passion for them and seeing how trees and humanity intersect.

Although we all knew each other in high school, many of us from the company went to other highly wooded parts of the country to study forestry in college. After graduating, those people ended up moving back to Flagstaff to work in the national forest.

Shortly after relocating back home, there was a real need for tree services in the area. We decided that we could use the extra money to supplement our forestry jobs. Thus, JP Tree Services was born.

After starting the tree service, business began to boom. We were getting more and more calls every day for random tree service orders in the area. The local power company also contacted us to be their emergency response team. Subsequently, we gained more and more traction in Flagstaff and quickly became the leading service in the region. We’re very excited for how far we have come and are looking forward to many more years of serving you. Cheers!